From family portraits to research projects

At work or play, Leading Lines can help you produce the images that you want, whether that is a family portrait at your favourite location or a collection of photographs illustrating your current research project.

We live in a visual age where photographs and imagery permeate every part of our lives. Sometimes that means taking a snapshot of the kids playing with your phone to post on Facebook or messaging a visual to your boss as a job progresses. On other occasions you need the very best images that you can get to treasure forever or to promote a project to a wider audience. This is where I come in.


Happy Chappy!

Family photographs are memories and keepsakes, but can they also be heirlooms. When you book a shoot with me we get together and produce photographs that your family will treasure and remember, whether it's the whole family together or a new arrival. We'll discuss times and locations to make sure we shoot somewhere that means something to you, at a time that suits you.

That can mean going to your favourite beach, or shooting at a family event like a christening or birthday party. I tend to shoot with a relaxed, informal style which means that everyone enjoys the shoot and looks at-ease and like themselves in the photographs: no posing against stilted backdrops or forced smiles.

Packages can be digital only or include prints for your wall or even miniature albums: whatever suits your needs best.


I have been involved in all manner of weird and wonderful projects over the last few years, and have been commissioned to shoot everything from promotional material for bands to projects on swine flu.

Some commissions are relatively straightforward ("can you get us a black and white photograph of a goat with hills in the background for our new Scottish cashmere shop in New York?") while others can be a lot more involved ("I need a series of photos to illustrate the popular myths surrounding adolescent self harming"). Each and every project brings with it a set of unique demands, and we will sit down and discuss what you need in detail before we start shooting. At the end of the project you will have a set of photographs produced to fit with the visual style you want and the end use that you require.

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