With an almost endless coastline, countless islands and mountain landscapes to satisfy the most adventurous soul, Scotland offers a richness and diversity for the landscape photographer that few places can match. You could spend a lifetime in this small country and never exhaust your options. 

Sometimes a trip results in a bounty of images, other times you can spend a week on the road and come home empty handed: that's the nature of the beast. Landscape photography is something you do because you are compelled to: you've got to love it. But what's not to love? Even on those occasions when I come home without an image worth sharing the trip is rarely fruitless as any time spent in the landscape is its own reward. The drive for the perfect photograph, and the love of the landscape: the two are inseparable.

Most of this collection has been produced while I have been working on a long-term project to write a guidebook to Scotland, written purely for the landscape photographer. In the process I have sought out and visited more nooks and crannies and hidden little corners around Scotland than I would ever have done without feeling that drive and pressure to do the Scottish landscape the justice it deserves.  

Modern photography is a tricky beast, a chimera of sorts. Tradition meets with new technology, sometimes melding seamlessly, sometimes clashing horribly. There are no rights or wrongs, just preferences. In my corporate or wedding work, I'm perfectly happy cloning out plugs or cables, tidying up a scene on the computer if it wasn't possible to do so before the photograph was taken. While working on the guidebook, I have held myself to a different ethic: what I see on the day is what you see here. Every image is personally processed from the raw files (except the few that are scanned from film), but the scene is never altered. There's no judgement, or pretension in this, I simply feel that in this project I am not only trying to create beautiful images, but give you an honest representation of the place so that you can better imagine your own journey there.

Prints can be ordered through the Shop link above (take a note of the file name for the photograph you want before clicking through!), and my 2017 calendar is available through the shop. The "Photographing Scotland" book is being produced through fotoVUE and should be in print in Spring 2017. To be informed when it's out, add your name to my mailing list through the form below!

In the mean time, my landscape portfolio holds a few recent photographs from around Scotland, and I very much hope that you enjoy having a browse.