Free on-line tutorials from Leading Lines

Welcome to the Leading Lines collection of free online photography tutorials!

One of the most wonderful things about photography is that it's only as complicated as you want it to be: there is absolutely no reason that you can't be out there taking good photographs almost immediately. Concentrate on some very simple techniques from the start and it can transform your photography almost instantly. 

That said, another equally wonderful thing about photography is that there's always something else to learn! If that seems slightly contrary then so be it. The fact of the matter is however that once you start seeing your photography improve it's very likely that you're going to want to keep improving. Photography is for life: you will continue to develop and grow as a photographer for as long as you keep picking up a camera.

Photography is for life

I'll be adding to the tutorials below as and when I have the time to write them up, but if there's a specific topic that you'd like to see covered sooner rather than later, drop me a line and I'll bump it up to the top of the list. Of course, not everyone learns well from tutorials and textbooks, so if you think you may benefit more from a workshop then have a look here to find out when the next Leading Lines sessions are scheduled!

I'll be adding the first of the tutorials soon, check back to see when they go live, or keep an eye on the blog and facebook page for updates.