Retreats and Tours

Leading Lines is immensely proud to announce an exciting new series of photographic Retreats and Tours!

The first pair of Retreats are in conjunction with the stunning Alladale Wilderness Reserve in Sutherland, and will provide the perfect opportunity to slow down and explore a remote area of Scotland visited by only a very few people. Alladale is a genuinely special place, and this is not an opportunity to be missed.

I have also partnered with Capercaillie Escapes, who are turning their logistical skills and planning experience to organising the first of what will hopefully be a series of joint photographic tours guided by Leading Lines. This will be more suited to those that want to see more of the classic landscapes that have made Scotland one of the most popular, and most photogenic destinations in the world!

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Alladale Retreat

Located in the heart of Sutherland, the Alladale Wilderness Reserve offers 100 square kilometres of mountains, forests and rivers, to explore and photograph. Well off the beaten tourist path, it is the perfect base for us to enjoy a little seclusion away from the madding crowds; to slow down and get to know a unique landscape intimately. I will offer non-intrusive guidance and tuition to those that want it throughout the Retreat, or you are perfectly welcome to simply concentrate on discovering the place for yourself.

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Capercaillie Scottish Photography Tour

Capercaillie Tours have been running bespoke tours in Scotland since 2014, providing a level of personal service second to none. Between their logistical and planning experience and my own experience and detailed knowledge of the best photography locations in Scotland, we have put together an exceptional tour offering a taste of some of the most beautiful landscapes in the land.